Romney’s Secret Weapon

Romney Unleashes Secret Weapon to Win White House
Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney today revealed a devastating new tactic which many predict will propel him to the Oval Office and his Party to the capture of both houses of the legislative branch. The new campaign strategy, unleashed at recent public supporter-only rallies, shows that Romney has finally decided to get serious about winning the Presidency. Leaders of his party as well as opposition Democrats seem both shocked and surprised that Romney would employ what many would consider tantamount to a “nuclear” option to take command of the upcoming election. “Never before has a candidate shouted so loudly at a political rally,” said one taken-aback advisor. “This guy can really shout.” By shouting at extreme decibel levels, Romney’s new secret weapon – shouting loudly – is expected to revive his moribund campaign, excite his base, bring home the undecided, turn-on his wife and make his four or five sons really, really proud of him. Oh, and make him President, too.

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