Higgs Boson Ready for its Close-up

Colliding News… This just in.. Actually already in, tomorrow.. First close up of the Higgs Bosum. 
Scientists at a secret government underground Collider Lab announced today, (tomorrow in String Theory Time) the first photo of the recently-announced Higgs Bosun also referred to by atheistic scientists and the uninformed lame street media as the “God Particle.”
The photo of the Higgs, taken with a high-intensity “Super Duper” camera, captured the particle as it rested momentarily during its historic high-speed race around the 17mile underground collider track. The photo shows a smiling Boson wearing what appears to be a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “i B Who B.”  Curators at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky said they welcome the photo depiction of the “God Particle” and are working on a new animatronic diorama of boy Jesus riding a Higgs Bison atop a dinosaur.

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