USA USA – Bin Laden Killed ! Go Team, Go…We’re # One…We’re # One !

Call it  drunken college Spring Break pent-up boredom, or just crazy mis-expression of relief that the world’s terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden had been murdered by American Special Ops, the demonstrations in front of the White House and elsewhere last night seemed a bit, well, unseemly. Yes, Americans are and rightly should be happy to see justice finally prevail with OBL’s demise. But celebrating in the streets, dancing for the TV cameras, waving “number one” fingers in the air screaming USA USA is more befitting a celebration for a sports accomplishment rather than a reaction to a serious act of bringing a violent terrorist to justice. Killing OBL will not be the end of the terrorist threats that people the world-over face. Americans dancing in the streets is tantamount to former President Bush telling Iraqi insurgents to “bring it on.” Instead of waving fingers, climbing trees and dancing for the cameras, America is better served by its citizens in quiet reflection and thanking their personal gods, their government leaders and brave soldiers who exacted this long over-due justice. America will be better served by it’s citizens, Democrats, Republicans, independents using this moment in history to work together to solve it’s economic and social problems which will do more to strengthen America than all the finger-waving celebrations of the death of Osama Bin Laden. 

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