Royal Questions

Kate in College Fashion Show Dress 


Princess Di

William’s “Camilla” in-waiting?
WESTMINSTER ABBEY, ENG.— The Big Question: How long will the Marriage last? Is there a “Camilla” backstage? Although he looks more like mum Lady Di, could he actually have an eye, like Daddy Charles, for a more English-style older Camilla-like gargoyle harridan? 

Who wears a red suit for his wedding? Santa? 

Why no Royal Rogaine for new Hubby William?

Will William’s valet now administer his  Royal Toothpaste to his Royal Toothbrush as is done for Father Charles daily?

Honeymoon in Niagara Falls? Thunderbird Motel. (recommended once-upon-a-time location of my honeymoon with my bride!)

Will Prince Harry do a Royal Kegstand at the Reception after-party? And show his game by mackin on that snowflake Bridesmaid Pippa?

She’s QUEEN Elizabeth. Where’s her Crown?

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