The Hollow Man

Indiana’s milquetoast wussy Senator Evan Bayh is such a sensitive wan creature. With his Prufrockian crisply center-parted haircut, Senator Bayh sees life as a clean cut,  extra-starched spit-polished rigid rectitudinous walk on the safe side. The rigors and messy business of American legislating is just too messy for this soft hyper-sensitive official with the ninety pound weakling constitution. All this nasty “partisanship” is soooo offending. Goodness gracious. What must I do? he swoons.“Do I dare?…. “Do I dare?…Time to turn back and descend the stair, With a bald spot in the middle of my hair…Do I dare to eat a peach? measure out my life with coffee spoons… (my apologies, T.S. Eliot). Good riddance, Senator. The Democratic Party can do better.

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