An Obama Mulligan

In golf it’s called a mulligan…a do-over.  President Obama needs to take a mulligan on his Presidency. Just one year later to the day, his presidency is in shambles. Most U.S. President’s have to wait until their second year, the mid-term elections, to get their “come-uppence.” With the election of right-wingnut Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate in the most liberal state in the country, Massachusetts, the President now stands naked, shorn of the glitter and hope that showered the country just one year ago. Maybe this is finally the change he can believe in. He’d better believe it. And start over. His legislative agenda has been shredded. Health care, his signature bill, is now illegible, the ink so smeared it will never be read again. Other initiatives like cap and trade…are capped and faded. What else has he done during his first year. A cute dog, a Nobel Prize. A surge of war in Afghanistan. Whew. Now is the time to admit, to submit, to sit down in the early morning light and make some hard admissions. In his State of the Union Message coming up soon, it’s time to ‘fess up, yo.” Number One: Roll some heads. Starting with Rahm Emanuel and Tim Geithner. Throw in Larry Summers. Bring in Howard Dean, a real Democrat to prod you in the cajones once in a while, remind you that reaching across the aisle will only get your hand bit off. That the Repooblicans’ scorched-earth strategy of opposing everything and anything, from Obama going to bed at night and waking in the morning,  is real and effective. Obama needs to man-up. First thing to do, besides rolling some heads, move the Senate to eliminate the supermajority rule. The Consitution only requires a simple majority, 51 votes. In this blog for months I’ve been telling Obama to take the gloves off. Since it now looks as if he never even put those gloves on in the first place, it’s time to put them on, throw a few punches and then take’em off. Bare knuckles. He knows how that feels. Repoobs have been bare-knuckle-bloodying him since Jan. 20 of last year.

1 thought on “An Obama Mulligan”

  1. It's been my experience that Mulligans rarely benefit “hackers”. They usually repeat the same shot, sad but true!! Believe me when I tell you this, Obama is a 36 handicapper. He has a better chance bowling, and we all know how expert he is at that !!!! And by all means, don't convince him to take up fighting, especially bare knuckled!!
    He could'nt go toe to toe with Rip Taylor without getting a fist full of confetti shoved down his throat ! Maybe these looney tune “birthers” have something. Maybe he's not American. He could be French. Those wusses hate to fight. He's certainly not Irish, those little bastardslove a good throw down. Well come to think of it, he does have Kenyan blood and the only thing I've seen them excell at is running. Barrack has a better chance of going bare knuckled and toe to toe with Adam lambert or at least knee to floor than taking on the repoobs!!! This is a guy who seeks out Olympia Snow for help for gods sakes !!! Please Mr Obama, stay off the ropes and protect yourself, the midterm election bell is comming up. It will soon all be over ! Before long you will be able to practice those mulligans in their proper environment, Congretional Country Club.


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