Dylan Looks

The ever-evolving Bob Dylan and his music in recent years has, in my opinion degenerated along
with his infamously growly voice. His latest album, Together Thru Life, with unoriginal blues and old standard riffs you’ve heard a thousand times before, exude bitterness and loss, and bitterness because of loss the way few artists can do today. I no longer go to his live concerts…at one last year in Chicago he sat the entire time behind a keyboard wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and mumbled thru a bunch of incomprehensible songs. Didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or for me for spending the big bucks on the tickets. His refusal to ever play a “hit” from the past, or even non-hits from the recent past, seems more like incapability rather than just simple stubbornness. Still gotta love the guy, though…for some of the best music ever written and recorded.
Hey…Dylan’s current riverboat/western look makes him seem as if he was separated at birth from NASCAR dude Richard Petty. And was Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno character foreshadowed by this photo of Dylan?

1 thought on “Dylan Looks”

  1. Dayton OH, July 10, 2009. Dylan played the guitar! (OK, for two and then he went to the keyboard and the harmonica) Lay lady lay, Highway 61, and All along the watch tower were all recognizable. Like a rolling stone not so much. Quite a lot from the penultimate and the pre-penultimate
    but only the title song from the latest.
    But every time I've seen him play, people leave as his set wears on until only the hard core remain. Are people there for Willie Nelson and John Melloncamp and only tolerating a bit of Dylan?


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