Ling & Lee

Laura Ling. Euna Lee. Who? Just two young journalists in a North Korean prison. Sentenced June 8 by North Korea's top Central Court, the two are accused and were found guilty of undefined “grave crimes” against the government. They face 12 years in the world's worst prison system, a virtual death camp according to sources who have survived it. As TV journalists for Current TV is a youth-oriented network founded by the winner of the 2000 US presidential election Al Gore. Available on most cable TV systems, Current provides news of national and international events and issues not covered by any other news outlets. Catering to the Holy-Grail 18-34 age demographic, Current intersperses short news reportage by its young correspondents with short viewer-generated videos, You Tube cuts and lite-hearted movie reviews and cartoons. It's witty, fast-paced, non-attention demanding and most of all entertaining. All things that regular network and big cable news is
not. When it was announced briefly last week of Ling and Lee's conviction and 12 year sentence, most media briefly covered it. Since then it has almost dissappeared from any news. After already having been detained for three months in North Korea, the two reporters now face a sentence tantamount to death. It's a delicate situation for the US but let's hope the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to free them before it's too late.

2 thoughts on “Ling & Lee”

  1. Yo Prajek, I'm going to start off by attempting to be politically correct and of course taking the moral highground by saying that I hope and pray that Miss Ling and Lee's sentences will be tempered with mercy and soon be released. Having said that, I have to ask myself, what the fcuk were they thinking..? They may as well have been trying to smuggle dog food (smack) in and out of Constinstinople! Maybe Miss Ding a Ling and Lee were vying for illustrious Holy Grail of journalism, the Pulitizer. They could have been the first recipients from the Nickalodian News or the Sesame Street Sentinel or whomever they worked for, oh yea Current T.V. Come on man, Ammanpour and Engel know better than to cross into that shit hole..!! Maybe we should cut a deal with Bill Richardson and cease investigating his corruption charges and let him pull those North Korean puppet strings.


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