GM…God Motors

Secret photo of new GM proto-type hybrid almighty-powered concept car provisionally named the “BailOut.” A heavenly ride, brotha. (click on photo to enlarge)

3 thoughts on “GM…God Motors”

  1. Good day Mr Praajek. It’s been awhile, has’nt it lad? The automobile shown above caught my Irish eye! It certainly reminds me of my own concept car, albeit an ealier model, during my seminary years. I was quite the fellow to display my faith, especially in such abstract manners. In retrospect, perhaps such extravagence led me to my small congregation in this very dry West Texas community!! God bless Mr Praajek and keep up the good work as well as the faith.


  2. Yo faadda T…welcome back. U b just the dude to test drive this ride especially now that GM is in the hands of the All-Mitey and Rick “The Hummer” Wagoner has been cast to the depths of Hades with his $20 million atta-boy.


  3. Oh, it always tickles me ole Irish fancy when you comment back Mr Praajek!! I certainly don’t know much about this Mr Wagoner’s Hummer but I personnaly, long ago vowed against such pleasures, unfortunatly even an occasional “Hummer”. Oh my!! Once again Mr Praajek, God bless.


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