Hunting Reason

Ah, yes…the spirit of the great American hunter lives large in Kansas City, MO… KC Star ad this morn has ad section from a local for tents, fishing rods, coolers and a full page of firearms. Just what I want in my pocket…a semiautomatic Glock .45. Got protect myself in the field from those marauding ground squirrels.

4 thoughts on “Hunting Reason”

  1. Maybe KC has had a recent influx of wallstreet hedgefunders and AIG Ceo’s. Those weapons might just come in handy for those fellows. Either for self defense or self offing. Those weapons might be in high demand!! Were they on sale!!! Perhaps a saturday night “bailout” special!


  2. At a boy “P”, sell the NRA down da riva,for real. Them glocks don’t belong in the hands of hunters. (example Dick Chenney) They belong in da hands of us “STREET URCHINS FOR SELF DEFENCE”. Ayeet


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