Ducati Model 271

Arab cobblers around the world are claiming craftmanship of the shoes worn and thrown by Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi. The now-famous brand, identified as Ducati Model 271, is also being called the “Bush Shoes.” Thousands are being clamored for and sold across the Middle East and will soon be available here in the U.S. Can’t wait for your new pair of Bush Shoes? Why wait? Just order the a new pair of Nunn-Bush shoes made right here in the U.S. Here’s my favorite: It’s called the “Thurston.”

Meanwhile, rumor of a planned Bush trip to the Phillipines and a courtesy meeting with former first lady Imelda Marcos might now be off the itinerary. Since Bush’s encounter in Iraq with the shoe throwing journalist, secret service staff now feel, although Mr. Bush proved his ability to deftly duck two shoes, a similar incident with Mrs. Marcos could overwhelm even Mr. Bush’s athletic abilities.

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