Aw, the Puppies

….Latest internet webcam sensation at (link removed…pups sold to Plaxico Burress) takes you into the crib of sleeping puppies….aw, soooo cute…lil’ darlings….I can’t help thinking that these little rascals, with proper training, would make great little puppy fighters. Maybe when Michael Vick gets released from the Big House, he and his buds can start a new sport…puppy fighting…just think how much fun it would be to see these lil’ pugilistic pups go at each other…more fun than swingin’ a golf club…which reminds me, anyone hungry for a baby seal clubbed sandwich?

3 thoughts on “Aw, the Puppies”

  1. Come on P,keep it a 100 bro. Aint nobody given a damn about those pits or dem pups.Otherwise we’d all have em for pets. Everybody knowd dey only good for fightin and guardin front doors of Crack houses. For real!!! Most be a slow news day, ayeet.


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