Cure for Sour Grapes

Know any Repooblickans who are still kickin’ over taking a licking’ on Nov. 4 ? Got just the cure. Miraculin is a glycoprotein extracted from a West African fruit plant. It’s not sweet itself, but when it touches the human tongue bitterness turns to sweetness. A persimmon or a lemon or anything citrusy sour will taste like sweet gummy bears…the taste change lasts for up to an hour. Bars in Chicago are offering the small red berries for $3 apiece and served with a variety of sour foods. Bitter about McPalin’s November whuppin? Pop a handful of miraculin berries sore losers, life will taste sweeter…maybe til Jan. 20.

1 thought on “Cure for Sour Grapes”

  1. Yo Praajek,those knee jerk repubs aint eatin any West African fruit bro.They are plum full of that already.Only fruit being eaten is by Tod Palin peelin off those repub bought panties of Sarah. The rest of can eat plenty of “BUSH”


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