Super Vette

Team Obama’s vette-centric application form for Administration job applicants has got the media, pundits and bloggers all a-twitter. His personal questions about embarrassing Facebook entries, nanny tax payments, etc. seem to go further than previous administration vetting processes. PraaJek is privy to additional questions that potential job candidates will have to answer in Vette II, Redux.
Check these out, candidates, and get your answers lined up.

Vette II

Do you now, or have you ever pal-ed-around with ANYONE who caused you embarrassment or who, if this/these entities were revealed, might cause embarrassment to the President?

Have you ever done anything during your entire life that was embarrassing. If yes, describe.

For Penile Candidates:
Have you ever worn black calf-length socks with summer shorts; or black socks with black dress shoes or black Rockports with any apparel commonly described as “shorts.”

For Vaginal Candidates:
Have you ever worn hair curlers and a mou mou while shopping in Walmart? If yes, please state approximate number of times and dates (year only, e.g. 2001)

Have you ever shopped at Walmart?

Have you ever visited pornographic internet web sites, aka engaged in porn surfing” for the purpose of either self=amusement, sexual gratification, curiosity or boredom? If yes, list your favorite sites, in order of preference and state reason…examples above.

Have you ever performed a “keg stand” If yes, were you photographed or videotaped? And was the beer brand domestic or foreign-produced.?

Stay tuned for more….

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