Gus, We Hardly Knew Ye

Americans are worried. The economy is tanking, two wars still raging, terrorism rampant around the world, Osama still on the loose. And most importantly, when will Sasha and Malia get their puppy? And what, dear Americans, what breed should it be? The Obamas say it has to be hypoallergenic. In memory of Gus, named the World’s Ugliest Dog coupla years ago and who died yesterday, the regal hairless breed, the Chinese Crested, might be a good choice for the First Family-elect. Cute as poop, easily paws around with terriers, such as Ayersdales., one look at this hairless little rat dog and you are instantly filled with Hope..hope for a better future…that this little thing can only get cuter as it grows. I can see Barack cuddling little “Scooter” as he deplanes from OForce One, setting him on the tarmac to skitter into the waiting and excited arms of Sasha and Malia. Oh, the Love, America.

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