Snakes on a Brain

John Sydney McCain has, over the years, been accused of having snakes in his head…from those days as a POW in Vietnam…(Manchurian Candidate?) …today he might have lent a bit of credence to that fear of McCain snakes. Addressing a group in Pennsylvania he said..”Across this country this is the agenda I have set before my fellow prisoners.” Not correcting himself, he rambled on about how Obama needs to have more clarity in his views….Prisoners? Snakes on a brain !

Word score: McCain invoked the salutation “My Friends” TWENTY times. 20 times.

The fundamentals: Obama needs to lose this word…or at least fundamentally reduce its usage. Number of fundamental call-outs by Obama: 10. That’s TEN…about nine too many. McCain said it five times. All this made for a fundamentally boring debate.

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