Gates of Hell

John McBush is fond of using the tired old phrase “gates of hell.” As in “When I’m President I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell.” (Obama’s retort is “McCain will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but not to a cave in Pakistan.”) With only about 4 weeks left in the most important Presidential election in the past 50 years, Mcbush is about to give new meaning to his favorite old phrase. Behind in the polls and losing ground daily, McBush is about to unlock the proverbial gates of hell with the most god-awful, disgraceful, sick and dirty campaign in the history of American politics. Look for talk about Obama’s patriotism and character to be not only challenged but gutted, bled and field dressed like an innocent Alaskan moose, like a lone wolf slaughtered by gunfire from a helicopter. Look for TV ads of planes flying into the Twin Towers juxtaposed with Obama’s years-ago visit to Kenya when he donned a head scarf “Ghutra” as a tribute to local customs. Look for accusations of Obama attending a muslim school (Madressa)when he was five years old. Look for Rev.Wright ads; flag pin ads, Bill “the bomber” Ayers ads. Look for not-so-vague accusations that, “my gawd, people, don’t forget this guy is black.” Cover and prepare yourself for 30 days of McBush’s campaign flushing itself of it’s inner poisons, it’s bloated cancerous bile. It’s all about winning at this point. Whatever it takes. McCain sold his soul long ago. Maybe it was in that Viet Cong prison. Maybe it it was when he came home to his soon-to-be-abandoned disfigured wife in the hospital healing from a car accident; maybe it was after he escaped unscathed from his involvement in the Keating Five savings and loan scandal; he’s now selling that poor desiccated soul again, the one for sale in the back lot, used and abused, odometer turned back, wheels out of alignment, cracked engine block. Runs great, he says. Til after election day when you try to start it up, drive it and it coughs and sputters all the way straight thru the Gates of Hell.

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