Obama Dude, Defend Your Honor…Where Is Your Outrage?

If someone paid for a TV ad that overtly implied that you are a pervert and pederast, would you just brush it off and say, well, that’s unfortunate. That’s how Barack Obama is reacting to a recent TV ad paid for and approved by John McCain. Obama needs to go on national TV for a special …pay for prime-time on all the networks and cable outlets…and announce to the nation that “enough is enough…that I’m am being slandered in the foulest meaning of the word and that I have initiated legal action (I know you can’t sue and win against public figures…but do it anyway)..against John McCain and the Republican Party for egregious slander and libel. ” Remind the American public that you are the father of two little girls who are being subjected to lies about the honor of their father. Show some OUTRAGE, Obama…you’re in danger of being Dukakisized….who acted like a disembodied souless politician when asked if he would still be against the death penalty if his wife Kitty were raped and murdered…wake up Obama and smell the pig shit..not the pig lipstick..it’s being dumped on you man. Act like a man and challenge McCain to a duel at dawn…stand up for your honor, your family, your country’s sense of fair play…for the American Way.

“I’m John McCain, and I approve of this ad.” “This ad” is the “education” ad recently launched by the McCain campaign which implies, not too subtly, that Obama is a pederast who wants to teach kindergartners all about “comprehensive” sex. The ad accuses Obama of spponsoring a bill in the Illinois legislature to teach “comprehensive sex education” to kindergarten kids. Obama did not sponsor this bill, which was designed to allow teachers to teach kids how to protect themselves from sexual predators. the bill would not have provided “medically accurate” information about sex but would have reserved that for older students in higher grades.
According to the Washington Post, “The McCain ad is wrong when it claims — in a voice dripping with sarcasm — that Obama’s “one accomplishment” in the education field was a sex education bill for kindergartners. While it is true that Obama supported the bill, he was not one of the sponsors. As far as kindergartners were concerned, the principal purpose of the bill was to make them aware of the risk of inappropriate touching and sexual predators. Other states, including California and Massachusetts, have passed similar legislation. the Post goes on the say, “Obama was more closely identified with other education legislation in the Illinois Senate, including a 2003 bill he co-sponsored to double the number of Chicago charter schools from 15 to 30. On substance, Obama has attempted to tread a fine line between his opposition to vouchers and his support for greater choice for parents, including support for charter schools. In a speech in Dayton, Ohio, earlier this week, he proposed doubling the funding for “responsible charter schools.” http://buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:washington_po284:50fd6b7a8939b669999bc5204c747409

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