The Beehive Vote

Will she be a Sarah “Connor” Palin…terminating the democrats in November or just a plain unexperienced unknown Sarah “Who” Palin, terminating McCain’s quest. Regardless, check out her acceptance by Repooblicans next week in the Twin McBush Cities…if you see a lot of beehive hairdo’s you’ll know they love her. She should be strong in the beehive hair states of West “by-god” Virginia, Kentucky and lots of the deep south. That’s the buzz from praajek.

3 thoughts on “The Beehive Vote”

  1. praajek,you should know that while west virginia is number 1 in obesity,poor oral health,and number 2 as most unhealthy state, we are way up the list at #10 for beehives! If sara palin would sport a mullet then we west virginians might go for her.


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