See What You’re Missing

That was the theme of Hillary’s perfect-pitch/pitch-perfect speech Tuesday night. Sure sounded good. Lots of McCain hits, even mentioned Obama’s name numerous times. Yet what was it about her speech that left me cold? Hillary the Stepford pol. The body language as good, positive yet shouting “look at me!” Her voice, modulated and softer than her normal scolding one-note dominatrix drone, the words were the word she should have said. (Although note she never addressed the “he’s not ready to lead” issue.) She looked fantastic in her orange pantsuit, even joking about her sistahood of the travelling panties. All adds up to what should have equalled the ultimate endorsement, the final healing and melding of the opposing forces. But what I was left with was the feeling that it wasn’t about Barack Obama, but all about Hillary. Message: see what you’re missing…you could’ve had me.

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