VP Selekshun Praajekshuns

From a reliable source…Obie has chosen John Edwards…I mean Chet. 18 yr. congressman from Texas…blue dog dem…military brass would kill for him, gun nuts shoot-off over him, good ol’ white neck beer-belly dudes burp over him, gays lock themselves back in the closet over him, femmies would’nt invite him to bed but wouldn’t kick ’em out either….could a guy named Chester become Vice Prez? Remember Chester A. Arthur, 21st. President? Repooblican? Me neither, but he made it to the White House when Prez Garfield died in office in 1821. You read it here. If not Chet, then a Joe. Chet. Say it a few times. Chet. Chet. Chet. Holy Chet !

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