Obama’s Sturgis

Ok, McBush thinks he’s cuil© by hangin out with a “wild bunch” of pot-bellied white geezers in Sturgis, Montana. Yeah, wrong-wing christian biblethupas, check out this geriatric gathering of bachanalians at Sturgis…elder babes in topless non-attire….whoeeee !! Big-bellied jesus-tattooed way2-white dudes awaiting cardiac experiences. Mota-sicka Sex, B-Thumpas. Demon brew ova-flowin gutters of Sturgis. Holy Sheet, McBush gitin’ down wit his voting bloc. Wannabe hellsangels wit bitches behind clawin with veiny-skinned fingas graspy in vain round sad belly globs of viagra-induced stillwannabea boy bellys. Oh Obama. How you gonna match up? How you gonna contrast those 200,000 Berliners shouting “Yas Vee Kahn..Yas Vee Kahn, Yas Wee Kahn…witha a corralfulla ersatz two wheeled cowboys?

Answer: Praajek’s minions caught Obie @ a recent event …media not invited…that just plain puts to shame McBush’s Sturgis Surgis. Check this out…Obama’s Orgy in Lambrettaville. 2Hot! The USA Wildarse Lambretta Scooter & Book Club. Hundreds (well, a few dozen..) gathered recently in Obama’s south side Hyde Park hood to strut their scoots (Lambrettas) while discussing the “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky. Kick arse, J.McBush! Copulate Sturgis and your nursinghome motorsickle patients…Obama’s got Lambretta.

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