Wacky Baracky, or Obama Jokes

Who says you can’t joke about Obama? I just made up three gut-bustin’ laffers that Letterman would die for:

1) Obama walks into a bar and orders a cup of decaffinated Earl Grey. “We ain’t got no friggin’ tea, busta,” says the bartender. “Ok,” says Obama, “I changed my mind, give me a light beer, Belgium, please.” Announcing to the barroom loudly the bartender shouts, “Now, that’s real change we can believe in.”

2). A Rabbi, a priest, a Baptist preacher and Barack Obama all meet unexpectedly in a brothel parlor. Rabbi says, “Father, what brings you here?” “I’m here to hear confessions of the girls who work here,” says Father. “What in heavens are you doing here, Rabbi?” “I’m here for a bris,” says the Rabbi. What in the name of Yaweh are you doing here in a brothel, Reverend?” “Oh, Rabbi, I’m here to save the soul of our Muslim friend Barack. And just why are YOU here, Barack?” “Well, I’m just here to get laid before Jesse cuts my nuts off.”

3) Barack Obama walks into a Starbucks and orders a grande double espresso iced machinano americano cappuchino with whipped creame and a cinnamon stick. No sugar. “Would you like fries with that,” the barrista asks. “You can do that?” Barack asks. “YES WE CAN,” shouts the barrista.

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