The Wright Bruthas

While on a short sabbatical, PraaJek is relieved to see that Barack finally heeded my advice…see my post of April 23 (Ten Things Barack Could Do…) “An-nounce and Pro-nounce that you De-nounce & Re-nounce ..Rev. Wright.. again..and this time with viga…Well, Barack did part of what I advised..but he didn’t drop out of the Rev’s church as I recommended. Nor did he do his re-nouncin’ with any passion…his de-nouncin’ was rather lame…no real heart in it. Kind of with a sadness, aw sheet, I gotta sound angry and outraged but I just can’t do it. So I’ll mouth the words and maybe that’ll be good enuff.

Rev. Wright praised world-class stinker Rev. Farrakhan as a world-class thinker, blamed the U.S. for AIDS, and U.S. foreign policy for 911 and world terrorism. That last one might hold a little water if filtered enough.

The Wright Bruthas, two nuts in a shell game of Race Card will be the number one hit on TV and YouTube this sumer and fall. If Obama fails, to be nominated or elected, his defeat lay at the Wright Bruthas feet.

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