Pleeza Condaleeza

Pleeza Condaleeza

Will John McCain pop the question and say pleezea, Condaleeza…be my…..running mate? What does a McCain-Condi marriage application bring to a wedding party? What about a Obama-Hellary hook-up?

Let’s look at what these two shot-gun engagements might bring to the honeymoon bed:

McCain-Condi ::: Obama-Hellary

White ::: Black
Black ::: White
Male ::: Male
Female (Possibly?)::: Female
Geezer ::: Youth
Middle age::: Middle age

Now…what about voter blocs..? Which couple appeals to which voter group…Let’s break it down:

WalMart Greeter vote
Barely-controlled male rage vote
Civil War enthusiast vote
Single Black women vote
Never married woman vote
Sexually ambiguous vote

Ambiguous smoker vote
Skinny Guy Vote
Irish vote ( O’Bama clan)
Stand by your Cheatin’ Man vote
Women-angry-they-are-of-a certain-age vote
Double-wide pants suite vote

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