OMG…Guess Who PraaJek’s Related To..?

Last week we were treated to the news from the New England Historic Genealogical Society that Barack Obama is related (distantly) to George W. Bush…and Hellary related to Angelina Jolie (Barack again, related to Brad Pitt…). Obama has already joked on the campaign path (we’ve worn out the “trail”) of his Genealogical heritage link to Dikdarth Cheney. Well, Guess What??? Praajek has been established .. is a direct descendant (distantly) of none other than the Mr. Numero Uno, the Big O, Mr. Original…the A-Dam himself, Adam. So take that, Obama and Hellary. PraaJek has also contacted G-Soc folk to check out Salamander…you know…the one who crawled outta the sea and started walking on it’s fins…could be a link there.

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