Earth Hour

Don’t forget Earth Hour. Tonight you’re supposed to turn off all lights from 8-9 p.m. (CST)…to stop global warming or something. PraaJek will do his part…and not fart for a whole hour from 8-9 p.m. Or as they say in Sierra Leone, Ah noh pull baad breez. Human and bovine flatulence is a major contributor to global warming. Prepare for other symbolic anti-global-______Days to come:

Girth Hour..every one suck in their bellys for one hour to reduce Global Girth.

Birth Hour…all delivering moms hold it for one hour to reduce Global birth rates.

Mirth Hour…everyone tell jokes and giggle for one hour to increase Global Humor.

Worth Hour…everyone count up your net worth for one hour to help combat Global Poverty.

Dearth Hour.. everyone go out and consume, buy and fill every want for one hour to combat Global Famine, Scarcity and Need. Hey…It’s Dearth Hour every hour in America.

4 thoughts on “Earth Hour”

  1. White boy, black boy, it’s all a matter of perception. Just look at your post under “blog left blank” ibfoxvalleygirl. Isn’t Rob Petrie the ideal American white boy! Except of course for that “community organizer/rabble rouser stuff.


  2. yo, foxy Vgirrl…who say I b white, red, yellow, black or brown?? whas a nilla ice? I’m jis PraaJek thats who. but welcome anyway to Praajekshuns.


  3. Hey praajek, I was a big fan, but what’s this joking about Earth Hour. Global warming is real and it’s people like you (you probably drive a big Cadillac Escalade) that are part of the problem. The polar ice caps are melting brother. I hope you live on high ground!


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