Toothy Vertical Smile

You thought Snakes (in a tube) on a Plane was goofy…wait til you see “Teeth” (only an R rating..for sex, drugs, language and violence..hey, it’s got it all). Teeth is about vaginal dentata. I know, you’re saying…”not another film about toothy vaginas…”. Fraid so. Teen girl preaches abstinence to her school peers only to finally succumb in the end to a cute guy’s persuasive pleasure pleas to fill her cavity. Brace yourself for the horror of (F)Buck Teeth. Ouch. Gives new meaning to stimulating your gums with an electric toothbrush. For this girl, (too bad screenwriters didn’t name her Monica) all sex is like former Prez Bill Clint you could finger wag and say “I neva had sex with that women”…..and now I’m neva gonna have sex with anyone eva again.

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