Obama’s Rev. Wrong

Barack’s Rev. Wrong

A lot of folks in Chicago knew this was coming. Most Black Chicagoans know about Rev. Jeremiah Wright…and his penchant for fire-breathing blasts of hyperbolic carbonic acid-laced ejaculations; more like soda-pop for Black audiences and sulfuric for White ears which know little of him. His “god damn..not god bless America” utterances will make great B-Roll for future John McCain ads this Fall. Does Obama need to do more than recite the 3-R’s: Renounc’n, Reject’n Repudiat’n ? Maybe Resign’n from the Trinity United Church ? McCain of course has his McNut job preacher supporters such as PastorJohn Hagee and Rev. Rod Parsley…his not so sage spiritual mega-church mentor who says America has a constitutional mandate to destroy Islam.
Gotta love these preachers…preachin’ Christian values of love yet screaming hate, war and vengence. Hmmm…smells like Christianity?

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