Hellary, Hellary, Hellary…what are we going to do with you…you’ve suddenly realized that you could lose this thing… this nomination..which rightly belongs to you…(whoever gets it is almost a shoe-in to become the next Prez..right?)..how could you not get this which is YOURS…hold you breath, twist your stomach in knots…this can’t be happening..who is this Black Barrack kid whose trying to take your toy away…this not-ready-on-day-one Black Kid (did you mention he’s Black?) who hasn’t won any BIG states (except Illinois) who has a bunch of those yucky “caucus” delegates…not the real tastey voter-primary delegates like you have…waaaa. so damn mad you could spit…throw the kitchen sink at him…hell..throw the toilet too. Not… losing…. this…. thing, damnit!

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