That Perfect Gift.

‘Tis the season to give and get and get and give-give-give get-get-get. (I especially like the get.) And what’s on my wish-to-get list this year? And what’s on my might-just-give list? Here are some suggestions for you Xmas givers and getters.

My favo this season is “Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers.”

These handy pocket pads full of activated charcoal stick strategically inside your underwear to absorb accidental methane expulsions. Doesn’t block noise but rumors abound that a software upgrade is in the works for downloading that includes a wind motion detector that activates an automatic white noise function. 

For that favorite teen on your list how about an exciting pack of Justin Bieber Mint Floss.
Low cost yet it shows you really care about dental hygiene with the added benefit of demonstrating your cool creds. “Gee Dad, I didn’t know you even knew about The Bieber…u so cool! ” 

A sure-fire gift that’s certain to win the heart of a close loved one is the 2015 Monthly Doos Dog Poop Calendar. Lovely scenes of American landscapes and national parks are festooned with subtle piles of uncollected doggy deposits. You actually have to look carefully at each scene to discover a “Where’s Waldo” not-so-hidden canine gift in each photo. Fun for the whole family.

In this new world of Faatha Land Security we are naturally attuned to and attracted to gifts that can be used in an emergency or terrorist attack. Go Paks, Shelter-in-Place survival items are always foremost in mind when channeling our inner-prepper. So this is why the Emergency Clown Nose in a prescription bottle is a welcome addition to any survivalist or prepper’s doomsday kit. The appearance of a bit of levity Is always welcomed for Armageddon. 

And who can forget a gift for that sports fan on your list?   (Well, me for one.) But for others I give you the Pot & Putt bathroom golf set. This unique putting green wraps around the floor of your porcelain vessel allowing you while athrone to practice sinking putts while you sink that big one. Although hardly an athletic endeavor, striking golf balls is certainly a purposeful (yet unnecessary) activity not unlike the very necessary function of intestinal vacation.

A few other gifts deserve mention as well: the Robotic Grill Cleaner, sort of a Roomba for that greasy BBQ grill works its way back and forth across that blackened burnt fat encrusted cooking surface. Especially handy if you are unfortunate enough to have no hands. If you have a hand or two then just sit back while robo cleaner saves you from having to use them in service to such drudgery. (Damn Butler’s Union won’t allow grill scraping.)

On the subject of grilling, my final gift suggestion is the singular Hamdogger. This nifty tubular device begs to be stuffed with ground beef and extruded onto the grill and readied for hotdog

bun insertion. No respectable paleo-gastronominist would be caught hungry without this.

Givegivegive…getgetget. The Spirit of Xmas lives in you. And your desires. To givegivegive and getgetget.