Royal Wedding Dress..Finalists Revealed

Prince Philip’s Favo?

Of course this is not a fashion blog, but there are times when a subject is so overwhelmingly relevant to national and world-wide interests, and indeed humankind in general that it simply must be addressed front-up and face-on and rightly shared with all. In this case, the relevant and worthy subject is of course which wedding dress will the future Royal Princess Kate Middleton choose for her recently announced nuptials to Charming Prince William. The yet-unannounced venue, revealed here by Praajek in a recent post, is rumored to be the romantic Chapel of Love in Las Vegas, Nevada Fourth of July weekend next summer. Now, Praajek has learned that the Royal couple have winnowed the choice of a wedding dress that will wrap her willowy frame to the FINAL FOUR. Shown here for the first time, this bombshell-breaking story is huge even for a Praajek exclusive. These secret photos were obtained thru unofficial diplomatic channels via Scotland Yard and American Homeland Security personnel. You may vote for your favorite dress although it is rumored that the Queen Herself has already weighed-in and expressed her decision. Click on photos to enlarge.

Queen’s favo?
Kate Favo?
Prince’s Favo?

Royal Vegas Wedding

This just in: Praajek has just received confirmation from an unnamed and often-reliable source that British Prince William Windsor will marry his recently fiancéed girlfriend Kate Middleton in an elaborate ceremony at the Chapel of Love storefront chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 4th next summer. Sources also report that one of the top Vegas Elvis impersonators will preside over the ceremony. Praajek will share additional details on this exciting development as they develop. Praajek also has received an advance draft of the Royal Wedding Invitation which is displayed here.

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