Throwing Cold Water, Or Iced Is Even Better Than Cool

The ice bucket challenge has poured itself all over the internet as people and celebrities rush to dump a bucket of ice over their heads to increase awareness of ALS disease. This cold water treatment apparently causes one to suddenly google ALS and learn more about this dreaded disease and in more extreme cases results in a hand thrusting itself into a purse or wallet for a credit card to make a donation. But it only works if someone videos the act and posts it on a social media site. Don’t waste your time just dumping ice water on your head alone. This doesn’t work. You’ll just be cold and wet.

Here are some other challenges that people and celebrities can do to support research in lesser-known syndromes, afflictions, complaints, ailments or indispositions.  

  • Pour a bag of unbleached white flour over your head challenge… for gluten diet research.  
  • Drop your smart phone in the toilet challenge …for Selfieitis Research. 
  • Pee Your Pants Challenge for “That-Was-So-Funny I Nearly Peed-My-Pants” cliche malady.
  • Shave your head challenge for baldness research.
  • Drop Your Pants in Public Challenge for Perv Amelioration Research.
  • Stick your head in the gas oven challenge… for Facebook Envy Depression research.
  • Play Russian Roulette with a loaded hand gun challenge… for 2nd Amendment GunNut Syndrome research.
  • Finger in a Flame Challenge .. for  insensitivity/apathy research.
  • Twist two nipples counter-clockwise challenge .. for… aw hell….. just for research in general.
  • Teabag yourself … For Tea Party Affiliation Disease.
  • Take your mom’s car to jiffy lube …for Porno addiction research.
  • Vomit in a bucket & pour it over your head challenge… for binge drinking research.
  • Smash your face into a mirror challenge … for Narcissism research.
  • Poke yourself in the eye challenge …just because.

And don’t forget to video it and post it on You Tube or Facebook.  Oh, and send money.