Yippie Yi Ti Yo…Get Along ‘Lil Cheney….

Liz Cheney

You Know That Wyoming Will Be Your New Home…..
Former Vice President and un- indicted war criminal Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz “The Non-Lesbian One” has thrown her netipot in the ring for a Senate seat in Wyoming, a state in the western part of the US that currently has two Senators representing all 562 citizens. (Compare California with two Senators for its 38 million souls). 
The 46 year old mother of five moved to Wyoming last year thus establishing her residency in order to run for the Senate seat already held by Republican Mike Enzi, one of the most severe conservatives in the Senate. Ms. Cheney and her father believe Wyoming needs an even more severe, backward-looking conservative. Having held many jobs in government, Ms. Cheney has also worked on her father’s campaigns. In 2009 she helped establish a non-profit organization “Keep America Safe” which aims to keep America safe. Ms. Cheney also appears as a political pundit on Fox News often displaying her father’s recognizable snarl. 

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