Secure Yourself

Hate those web site security questions? You know, name of elementary school; dog’s name or breed; mother’s maiden name. Don’t seem secure enough enough for you? How about these:
Answer the following security questions: choose six of the following; enter your answer and click save:
Number of candles you blew-out on your first birthday:___________
Middle name of first person you had sex with:____________
Brand name of your Grandmother’s first refrigerator:_______
Race of first person to whom you either gave or received a blow job:____________
The highest temperature reached in the city where you were born on the day of your birth:_________
Number of people you have had sex with:_________________
If stranded as a character in a book, on what island would you choose to have access to?________
Favorite sexual position:_________________
Name of your high school janitor’s wife:__________
Favorite sex act:________________________
Name of politician you least sexually fantasize about:______________
Sex act you would only do with a stranger:_______________
Length of your favorite body part:__________
At what age did you smoke your first doobie?__________
Number of miles you got on your first set of tires:__________
Which Disney cartoon movie character do you most sexually fantasize about:__________
Favorite floor wax;___________

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