Throw Like an Egyptian

The Next Andy Pettitte?

Latin America has been the Mecca of Major League Baseball Recruitment for years, with countries like Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Venezuela  contributing heavily to the the League’s rosters. After a recent convo with a Praajek Bruthaa, it dawned on both of us that Baseball has been ignoring what is perhaps the richest goldmine of potential baseball talent in the world..namely the dusty, sand and rock-strewn streets of the Middle East. Observing the ongoing mass protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, it is acutely apparent that these rock-throwing protesters have major-league arms, able to hurl stones far and accurately with fastball speed. Not only a rich source of mounders, these guys could obviously play outfield as well, tracking down base runners with laser-guided drone precision. But could they field as well? They certainly are proving their head-strong ability to catch granite fireballs with their heads, so their ability to convert to digital catches instead of analog has to give one hope that Maged and Mustafa could make spectacular diving center and outfield catches too. In the history of baseball, there has been only one major league player from the Middle East, pitcher Craig Stansberry, born in Saudia Arabia; and near Middle East but with a lot of rocks, Afghanistan, where pitcher Jeff Bronkey, retired, was born. Neither were true Mid East Region natives, so it’s obvious that a lot of native throwing talent has been over-looked. MLB scouts, get thee to the Middle East. Get thee to Egypt. 

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