Oprah’s Half Sister…You’ve Only Seen the Half of It

Oprah Warily Greets Half of Her Sister

Following her latest world-shocking revelation that she has a … gasp… “Half Sister” … Oprah Winfrey has revealed to Praajek that she will soon reveal.. in a capital R … an even greater shocking Revelation…maybe the most amazing, shocking and unbelievable Revelation of All Times! If you thought a “half-sister” was shocking, brace yourself readers for what could be a revelation of such cataclysmic proportions that it could literally and figuratively vibrate, seize and even crack the foundations of humanity itself.  Stay tuned..for Oprah has given Praajek permission to Reveal this Revelation to the world, whispering to me that its enormity was even too huge for her to get her head around, let alone make the Revelation herself. Check back here…..SOON !!!

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