Brutha Boehner.. Possible First Black Speaker of House

First the Repooblicans hire an African-American, Michael Steele to head their campaign operations. Obama’s Black and he’s President… We gotta get a Black guy too! Now, although it curdles their dark ossified pale white hearts, Repoobs could be on the threshold of thrusting African American Congressman John Boehner into the Speaker’s seat should they take over the House with big November victories. Could this help expand their base by attracting several Black American voters? Anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “Brutha Boehner.. Possible First Black Speaker of House”

  1. Yo “P” Wad up? Still keepin it a hundred I see!You are right, first it was “Steele Reserve” and now the repoobs have Bruther Boehner as their potentially first black Speaker of the “Crib”. They certainly need a little racial diversity in order to put the brakes on the Tea Party Express. They also get an African American ( I guess he's an American)Catholic. How many black Catholic's ya see walkin the congressional halls? They got a twofer going on!


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