Prayer for Economic Stim-ul-us

Prayer for Economic Stim-ul-us

Lord have mercy on the credit mongers
the Fed Wizard’s wings no longer
Span green across the nation’s
Fortune elite
Don’t let prime-rated mortgage meat
And recalled droppings soon be rations.

Lord have economic mercy
on us
By George slay our recession dragon
We depleted the evil
Iraq attack still causes pain
So stimulate us with rebate feathers
tickle us where darkness reigns
whip us to a frothy heather
keep our consumer tails a’waggin
And our economy from saggin.


Obama’s Rev. Wrong

Barack’s Rev. Wrong

A lot of folks in Chicago knew this was coming. Most Black Chicagoans know about Rev. Jeremiah Wright…and his penchant for fire-breathing blasts of hyperbolic carbonic acid-laced ejaculations; more like soda-pop for Black audiences and sulfuric for White ears which know little of him. His “god damn..not god bless America” utterances will make great B-Roll for future John McCain ads this Fall. Does Obama need to do more than recite the 3-R’s: Renounc’n, Reject’n Repudiat’n ? Maybe Resign’n from the Trinity United Church ? McCain of course has his McNut job preacher supporters such as PastorJohn Hagee and Rev. Rod Parsley…his not so sage spiritual mega-church mentor who says America has a constitutional mandate to destroy Islam.
Gotta love these preachers…preachin’ Christian values of love yet screaming hate, war and vengence. Hmmm…smells like Christianity?



Hellary, Hellary, Hellary…what are we going to do with you…you’ve suddenly realized that you could lose this thing… this nomination..which rightly belongs to you…(whoever gets it is almost a shoe-in to become the next Prez..right?) could you not get this which is YOURS…hold you breath, twist your stomach in knots…this can’t be happening..who is this Black Barrack kid whose trying to take your toy away…this not-ready-on-day-one Black Kid (did you mention he’s Black?) who hasn’t won any BIG states (except Illinois) who has a bunch of those yucky “caucus” delegates…not the real tastey voter-primary delegates like you have…waaaa. so damn mad you could spit…throw the kitchen sink at him…hell..throw the toilet too. Not… losing…. this…. thing, damnit!


Politics is the art of consensus. Succeed by pleasing the maximum… or at least the majority. Eliot Spitzer apparently didn’t play by that maxim bullying and steamrolling, condemning and avenging in the name of right and wrong. What a great character…the political landscape is poorer without him. And his wife Silda…great name… isn’t she a dead-ringer for the future face of a 50 yr. old Jennifer Anniston. I admit it..wallowing in the purience of Spitzer’s woes. Show me the hooker. Ashley Alexandra Dupre…such a sweet girl..and a singer, too..check out her song…here “What we want” …refain sings “…can you handle me..?” Hmmm. As Larry “Wide Stance” Craig says, “you a naughty boy.” Spitz.