Special Thanks

Special thanks to Bobbie and Jerry, one of the last happy hippie couples in America…two of the most creative and crazy book lovers and book laborers (as librarians, books are their labor of love), Bobbie used her wiley bookish charm to corner my favorite author Tom Wolfe recently in Chicago to sign his “I am Charlotte Simmons” novel for PraaJek himself. Girl, you good.

Cure for Sour Grapes

Know any Repooblickans who are still kickin’ over taking a licking’ on Nov. 4 ? Got just the cure. Miraculin is a glycoprotein extracted from a West African fruit plant. It’s not sweet itself, but when it touches the human tongue bitterness turns to sweetness. A persimmon or a lemon or anything citrusy sour will taste like sweet gummy bears…the taste change lasts for up to an hour. Bars in Chicago are offering the small red berries for $3 apiece and served with a variety of sour foods. Bitter about McPalin’s November whuppin? Pop a handful of miraculin berries sore losers, life will taste sweeter…maybe til Jan. 20.

PraaJek Declared: Sexiest Man "Alive"?

A romantic in a hard body, PraaJek leaves women saying “Oh … my … God”
Although some dude from Australia…or Austria or something like that has been named “The Sexiest Man of 2008,” PraaJek has wrestled the title of “Sexiest Man Alive,” from various sexy alive men across the Globe, according his blog, http://www.praajek.com. “I’d rather be “Sexiest Man Alive” than “The Sexiest Man Alive,” said PraaJek. Who needs “the.” Or “thee.”


Cheney is finally indicted….in Ramondville, Texas.

Lieberman awarded by Dems for Betrayal

Clinton zombies infect new Obama Administration

McCain Wins Missouri…still loses. (Missouri, don’t “show me” anything ever again !)

Action-hero film star John-Claude Van Damme is 5′ 9″ tall.

Eliot Spitzer’s hooker, call girl Ashley Dupré, looks so much like him that she could be his sister. (Come to Praajek, Silda, I’ll explain it all.)

Super Vette

Team Obama’s vette-centric application form for Administration job applicants has got the media, pundits and bloggers all a-twitter. His personal questions about embarrassing Facebook entries, nanny tax payments, etc. seem to go further than previous administration vetting processes. PraaJek is privy to additional questions that potential job candidates will have to answer in Vette II, Redux.
Check these out, candidates, and get your answers lined up.

Vette II

Do you now, or have you ever pal-ed-around with ANYONE who caused you embarrassment or who, if this/these entities were revealed, might cause embarrassment to the President?

Have you ever done anything during your entire life that was embarrassing. If yes, describe.

For Penile Candidates:
Have you ever worn black calf-length socks with summer shorts; or black socks with black dress shoes or black Rockports with any apparel commonly described as “shorts.”

For Vaginal Candidates:
Have you ever worn hair curlers and a mou mou while shopping in Walmart? If yes, please state approximate number of times and dates (year only, e.g. 2001)

Have you ever shopped at Walmart?

Have you ever visited pornographic internet web sites, aka engaged in porn surfing” for the purpose of either self=amusement, sexual gratification, curiosity or boredom? If yes, list your favorite sites, in order of preference and state reason…examples above.

Have you ever performed a “keg stand” If yes, were you photographed or videotaped? And was the beer brand domestic or foreign-produced.?

Stay tuned for more….

Bush Nick-names Obamas

Already heard about the new Secret Service code names for the First-family-elect…so here’s real news: Praajek’s sources inside the White House report that during the meeting with President-elect Obama, President Bush bestowed on the next President one of his famous nicknames. “Welcome to the White House, Obie,” Bush is reported to have addressed Obama. Once inside the Lincoln Bedroom, Bush also bestowed one of his special nick names on the First-Lady-elect Michelle. “And this, “BigMama,” is my favorite room in the whole place. Spend a lotta time here… under the covers…go to bed early every night.”